Scania Container Conversion

Container Workshops for the Mining Industries

Mining work is difficult terrain, far removed from civilization, suddenly becomes easier with Pandae Storage Systems container workshops. Container workstations enable you to provide immediate repair and maintenance to mining and other technical equipment. The design of the container workstations can provide the perfect facility for your operations. We consult the draft design and implementation of the workshop with you and try to meet all your needs and wishes.

The container workstation / workshop can become a fully self-sufficient s field operation or you can integrate it into your existing infrastructure – as a facility for maintenance repairs, parts storage, oil dispensing, mobile offices, ablutions and as any other buildings you wish.

Among common adjustments and modifications are wiring, air conditioning, heating and plumbing. We place hand, electrical and pneumatic tools in the workshop, along with accessories for welding, air compressor, generator and many other components.

An important factor when designing the container workshops for servicing and maintenance work is also the safeguarding of stored materials. We pay particular attention to securing worker safety when using the workshop, while considering ergonomics and ease of work.

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