Pre-Fabricated Technical Specifications

Pre-Fabricated Technical Specifications
[singlepic id=347 width=300 height=300]Slab

150mm(h) - re-inforced concrete slab made to order according to size required
[singlepic id=344 width=300 height=300]Base

300mm(h) base structure made of cold-rolled, galvanised steel etrusions with thickness varying from 0,5mm to 1,99mm depending on application
[singlepic id=346 width=300 height=300]Floor

21mm resin faced shutterply (top & bottom) with 2mm Marley superflex (top only) and Marley hospital skirting to all perimeter walls
[singlepic id=348 width=300 height=300]Panels

50mm/75mm/100mm pre-cut polystyrene core laminated on both sides using an approved polyurethane glue system with 0,45mm Chromodek steel skin. Panels fixed to floor and each other using mill finish aluminium L-angles either 38/38mm or 50/50mm depending on application.
[singlepic id=345 width=300 height=300]Doors

CDK personnel door 2000mm(l) x 800mm(w) x 40mm(d) with aluminium frame and standard lock set and handle
[singlepic id=349 width=300 height=300]Windows

900mm x 900mm natural anodised aluminium window with opener, glazed with 6,38mm clear safety glass with standard locks & handles. Includes 900mm x 900mm fly screen and 900mm x 900mm burglar bar. Other sizes available on request.